Why we write…

Why Sara writes reviews…

One of my absolutely favorite things is sharing books – literally. I love passing a book along to friends and eagerly awaiting their return so that the “discussion” can begin. When my friend and I discovered “The Hunger Games” trilogy, we made it somewhat of a contest as to how many people we could get to read them. They were just too good to be missed.

For me, this blog is just that on a grander scale. It’s an opportunity for me to share stories that give me joy with others.

Now, there’s probably something that I should reveal about myself. I have a very susceptible mind. So much so that I often dream about what I’m reading. It took me until just recently to realize that there are just some things I can’t allow myself to read. There are some books that I don’t finish for that reason.

My friends are often seeking suggestions for a new book to read. I thought this might be a cool opportunity to do just that.

My hope is that through these reviews, I can give a little preview of a book and reveal evidence as to why I think someone might enjoy it. I also will reveal what I didn’t’ like about a book or why I didn’t finish it. These are just suggestions, of course, and I always welcome feedback.


Why GABY writes reviews…

So, I hate to take a trip I never intended!  It comes down to having OCD, hating to waste time but HAVING to complete a task that has been started.  I love to read a synopsis on a book and then read reviews from readers,  it helps me decide if I want to read it.

Goodreads.com was an answer to prayer for me.  I have it on my computer, ipad and iphone!  I use it when I am in my local bookstore, library or online,  to see if a book is what I am “looking for”.

BUT there was a problem, the reviews were written for very specific readers.

There was the LITERARY EXPERT… these were the reviews that commented on the literary style and grammatical errors.  These reviews did not help me, although I respect and appreciate these reviews, because they serve some.  For me, it was not as important as the story.

There was, what I call, the “EXPOUNDER”, their reviews included anime, dialogue and moving photos, on why they loved or hated a book.  While I LOVE the creativity, I could not get past the silly to find the info I was looking for.  Mostly, I wanted to know what was the story about, the characters, etc.

Then there was the HATER … “POKE MY EYES OUT PLEASE” or “FOR ONLY TWILIGHT LOVERS”.  Listen, reading is subjective!!!  Some classic literature does not appeal to an avid reader.  Some great stories are silly and trite to others.  I can’t be a HATER and can’t glean the info I need from these kind of reviews.  Everyone is different, so just give us the info.  Story, characters, etc.

I decided  to write reviews to give people the opportunity to decide if this is a journey they wanted to take.  Just the facts, with why I liked or did not like the trip.  My hope is, that my reviews will help readers decide if they want to take the journey the author has created.  Yay!!!  So FUN!


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