About Gaby – TN

Hey, I am Gabriela, originally from California, but have been living in TN longer.  I have always LOVED stories and as a child had a huge collection of Disney cassettes where the stories were read to you.  When it was time to turn the page, you would hear the chime.  Ok, so admittedly, I was a lazy lover of stories.  I loved to have them read to me.  In school, comprehension of literature and the components of a story were very clear to me.  I was great at English and literature!  But still very lazy, I never read for pleasure!  While being assigned books, I did have love affairs with the likes of “Little Women, “Romeo & Juliet” and “Of Mice & Men”.  But those reading encounters were always was very short lived.

When I became a mother, I began to desire a creative escape.  I had been a disciplined studier of the bible, but never read for simple pleasure.  That all changed when I saw the Harry Potter movies.  I was hooked by that story and I began to inhale that series!  I had never stayed up late to read a book and at that stage of my life it was GREAT! That began my desire to read for simple enjoyment.

I love the arts; books, theater dance, movies and music!  I have been a dancer for a majority of my life, love movies and am married to a musician.  I find creativity an integral part of life.  Books make me see how, big, great and lovely this world is.  I read as much as I can and I have begun to share my love of reading with my family.  The library is one of our favorite places to go.

This blog is just a way to share my love of great stories.  In sharing my thoughts and reviews, my hope is to help you find some favorite stories of your own!



2 thoughts on “About Gaby – TN

  1. I know this may sound lame, but you and I are very very similiar! I too was great in English and Lit. but never read for pleasure, only what I had to read at school. Funny thing, I majored in English Lit. with a concentration in writing and a minor in creative writing, and STILL didn’t read for pleasure—only read what I was assigned. AND, I always found myself LOVING what I “had” to read. And then, I read Harry Potter and an entirely new world opened up for me! After that, Twilight. And since then, I have been devouring YA like crazzzyyyyy. I’m also a mom (I stay at home with my 2 boys and my hubby works), and I utilize my reading as my “mom escape” for the majority of my free time (which is mostly night time when the kiddos are finally asleep!) So, thank you for posting that—so nice to know someone else shares a story similar to mine. And thank you J.K. Rowling for turnging us into lovers of reading! 😉

  2. Not lame! I have three little ones of my own and reading has been a great creative outlet for me, since dancing is a little out my reach right now. I am so glad you commented, it does give you a boost when you know your are not the only one in that boat. Congrats on starting a blog and saying out loud what you are going to do. Can’t read to read your triology. I hope you will let me review it on Two Readers Writing. Keep us updated. I am not shooting for a trilogy, but hope to finish a YA novel this year. Yay for mom’s who love to read and aspire to write.

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