A Two Readers Writing Update & Quick Look Back at 2012!

This was my first year blogging and it was great!  Two Readers Writing started as a fun collaboration between Sara and I.  We wanted to get the word out about some of favorite and not so favorite books.  We have had so much fun reading, blogging and meeting some like-minded readers.  Things may change a bit here in the future.  Sara will be taking a break and I will be reading, but I will also be writing my first novel.  I will still be reviewing books here on Two Readers Writing but I will also be inviting some of my favorite bookish friends to review their favorite books!  I hope you will tag along for more reviews in 2013!

So, I was dying to do one of those cool year in review survey’s, but have been swamped as of late.  I am working on the survey and will be posting it after a book I have been dying to review, later this week!  But, just to give you a taste, I wanted to do this quick short survey.  I was tagged by Jessie at Jessie’s Kitchen Chronicles in her vlog post about “Looking Back on 2012”.  So I thought it would be a great opportunity to share a few of my favorites that are not books.

#1: Favorite Makeup – I am not a heavy make up wearer.  I have always detested wearing foundation, and tried to avoid it if I could.  But the older I got the more necessary it became.  I found this Tinted Moisturizer by Sonia Kashuk.  It is sold at Target and the price is great.  It’s light and covers well, but feels just like moisturizer.  I love it.

make up13681924

#2: Favorite Book – Such a difficult question for a book blogger!  I have a few that I can say are absolute favorites for 2012.   But one of my favorites, that doesn’t get a lot of attention, is Finnikin of the Rock by Marlena Marchetta!  This is one of those classic, epic tales of a battle good over evil.  It also has a fantastic love story!


#3: Favorite Song/Album – I have had a serious obsession with Civil Twilight this year.  Both of their albums are on my writing playlist and inspire me like crazy.  This video is one of my favorites!

#4: Favorite Movie – I am usually a huge romance fan, but nothing was really outstanding this year for me.  I did absolutely LOVE The Avengers!  I have a soft spot for  comic, sci-fi, & adventure movies.  And this movie was done so well, it was a real standout to me!


#5: One thing you’re grateful for – A supportive husband!  I have been on a bit of a journey this year.  I was a dancer for a majority of my life, then had to stop after having children.  I was searching for quite a few years to fill that creative void.  I have always had a knack for writing and absolutely loved reading.  When my story idea came to me early in 2012, I knew it was time to give novel-writing a try.  He has been a great example and encourager.  I could not be who I am without him! Ric 2

#6: Greatest challenge – Finding time to write!  I am an avid reader.  I love to be immersed in a story.  Even now that I have this story in my head, I still have to make myself sit and write.  Writing is very satisfying, but I still desire to just throw myself into a story.  (I am going to be blogging about my writing journey on my personal blog GabrielaRobbins.com.)

#7: What are you looking forward to in 2013 – I am looking forward to reading & reviewing more books and completing my novel Enigma!  Yay!

Thank you so much for joining us at Two Readers Writing in 2012!  We have enjoyed it so much, can wait to see all we get into in 2013!



5 thoughts on “A Two Readers Writing Update & Quick Look Back at 2012!

  1. I loved reading this! I was hunting all over the mall for a good tinted moisturizer today, and I totally forgot I used to use that same Sonya kashuk one! Best of luck with your novel!

  2. I’ve read a different one of Melina Marchetta’s books and it was incredible! I’ll have to add this one to my list. I LOVED the music video you included! The song sounded so familiar, I think I’ve heard it in a movie or something. Thanks for sharing =)

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