The Southern Festival of Books

I had so much fun attending the Southern Festival of Books.

It was so great to get to get my bookish needs filled right in my own town!  There were authors in all genres, tons of publishing houses, book stores and fun bookish items to buy.  I was excited to hear about new books, writing processes and met up with friends who love books as much as I do.  I was not disappointed.

I was able to sit in on a discussion with Gillian Flynn author of Gone Girl.

Now this is not they type of book I would pick up or review.  I am a bit of a whimp, can’t handle the suspense.  I have tons of friends who LOVED IT.  It was so interesting to hear about her background.  What drew her to the darker tales she wrote.  I loved hearing how her office would get full of stickie notes of plot points, questions or scenes by the end of a book.  Well, to get to her guest room you had to walk thru the office.  She always felt bad for the guests who would see, things like, “body in a wood chipper”, “how would he dispose of the body” or “Kill, Kill” all over the walls.  Haha.  I enjoyed hearing another authors process or answer questions about character development.

I was also able to catch Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian discuss Burn for Burn.

This was a book written by both of them and it deals with revenge after being bullied.  I have a hard time wrapping my brain around writing a book on my own.  So to write in tandem with another author just seems huge.  It was really great to hear their process and discuss bullying.  This series sounds like it is going to be fun but also really deal with the issue of bullying and the consequences of revenge.  Good Stuff!

So one of my FAVORITE panels was with The Survivors series author Amanda Havard and Masque of the Red death author Bethany Griffin.


Learned a lot about how books are labeled.  Apparently, it is not really an exact science.  I loved their insight on character development and how they created their worlds and lore.  I reviewed the Immersedition of “The Survivors”  and “Point of Origin” on Two Readers Writing.  Really loved the interactive Immersedition.  I asked if Point of Origin was going to be released in that format.  They said it was in the works.  Yay!  I got my copy of Amanda Havard’s Point of Origin book signed.  Whoop Whoop and even a fan girl pic!

Overall, it was fabulous!  I am excited to go next year!  What is your favorite book festival.  Oh and can I come.  😉


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