An extra special Tune in Tuesday

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When I was about 10, I gave my brother an engraved key chain for Christmas that said “Eric Olson” on one side, and “future Mariner” on the other. I was pretty sure that I’d get to go into the Seattle Mariner’s dugout one day because my brother played for them.  I’d give Ken Griffey Jr. a high-five and joke around with Jay Buhner, because obviously they’d still be playing when my brother made it to the majors.

Well, Griffey and Buhner both retired, and Eric hung up his cleats and fell in love with music. Not how I saw that working out. My MLB dreams dashed.

As I’ve grown up, I’d like to think that my perspective has changed just a tad. I have two big brothers who love Jesus and others. That’s enough to make this little sister beam with pride.

But last night I had a “my brother’s in the big leagues” moment. I bought a song he co-wrote on iTunes.

Kelly Clarkson’s latest single, “Catch My Breath” was released yesterday. And, I’m so happy to be able to say that it’s bomb. Check it out below. Then go download it on iTunes.

I am so happy that the first single Eric got to be apart of was for an artist as talented as Kelly Clarkson. I can show the song off with confidence.

I am so blessed to get to have two big brothers who are hugely talented and good men. I love you, boys.

Follow my brother and his production partners (one of his partners is Gaby’s husband, the other Reader who Writes 😉 ) on Incorporated  Listen to other great songs and remixes.


3 thoughts on “An extra special Tune in Tuesday

  1. Oh my word! First off, that is so awesome for your brother! To be able to co-write a song for someone so accomplished is simply amazing. Secondly, I LOVE the song. Absolutely love it 🙂 And thirdly, I know all about proud-sister moments and this is definitely one of those!

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