Tune in Tuesday – you’ll want to listen to this band.

I am in love with the Northwest. I love that we put shorts and sandals on when the temperature surpasses 60 degrees and that I have 5 chances to get a latte within a 2-mile radius. I love the sunrise over Mt. Rainier in the morning and the sunset over the Sound at night. I even dig the weather.

And although Pacific Northwest blood runs through my veins, over the past two years, I’ve fallen a bit for Nashville. What Seattle does right with coffee, Nashville does with taco trucks. My brother lives there; Gaby lives there; taco truck lives there. A part of my heart lives there.

And just today I got a new reason to love Nashville. This band.

This is the newest single on their latest CD, “The Peace of Wild Things,” which dropped today on iTunes. I started listening to Paper Route about a year ago when my brother showed me their EP and maybe the best version of  “Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel” I’ve ever heard.

My brother is buddies with piano/bass player Chad Howat and has gotten to see them play live – evidently they’re just as awesome live as they are on their album.

When I heard their new album was out, I bought it immediately. Next week if you see me sitting at my desk catching up on paperwork with headphones on, this is what I’ll be listening to. It’s interesting, relaxing, and original enough not to be boring. Plus it’s the kind of music that fits in perfectly with the Pacific Northwest – cool, indie, and diverse.

Here’s another link to one of my favorite songs on the album.

Happy Tune in Tuesday. Check this album out.  I rarely buy whole CD’s, but this was totally worth it.


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