Tune in Tuesday. . . evening.

It’s Tuesday. . . evening. . .in Pacific Time. For all my West Coast friends, happy Tuesday. For everyone else, sorry I missed you. We can still listen to music on Wednesday morning, right? Tune in Wednesday morning just doesn’t have the same ring, I know.

Maybe you’ll forgive me once you hear my confession, or maybe you’ll lose all respect.

Well here goes: I love Taylor Swift. I may or may not have every album she’s ever made and may or may not know every word to all her singles. I can’t help myself.

This stands in contrast to my general “I love all music except country” outlook, but Taylor’s different. I learn Taylor Swift songs on the guitar, much to the demise of my guitar instructor.

And this is the song me and my guitar-playing buddies played tonight. We’re particularly fond of the “ooooh’s.” The only thing that could have made Taylor Swift better was the Civil Wars. Plus the song is on “The Hunger Games” soundtrack (literary tie in.) 🙂

Enjoy! And let me know what you’re listening to.


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