Sara takes a break from fiction with Tim Tebow

I did some new things recently. I painted my toenails gold (in honor of the Olympics obviously), I invested in a Trenta iced coffee from Starbucks (I can’t count high enough to know how many ounces are in that sucker), and I wore pearl earrings (and felt oddly overdressed).

Oh, and I took a break from fiction.

You wouldn’t even recognize me.

An impromptu visit to the library led me to an audio recording of Tim Tebow’s autobiography “Through My Eyes.” Tim Tebow plays football. Tim Tebow loves Jesus. I love football. I love Jesus. It was about time I read his book.

Let’s be clear. The Gospel message of Jesus saved my life. I crave for everyone I know to hear this good news, so I can’t help but recommend any book that presents it. And let me tell you: Tim Tebow’s book presents the Gospel.

Tim Tebow’s book also presents football. A lot of football. A LOT OF FOOTBALL. Football bores you to tears? Maybe read something else. Upon completion, you will be able to reenact the major plays of nearly every game Tebow has played in starting in high school and going through his first season of the NFL.

This book isn’t the most well written book ever, nor is it full of conflict or struggle. Tebow clearly is naturally gifted and came from a loving family who supported and encouraged him in all his endeavors.

But what it lacks in conflict, it makes up for in motivation. If you choose to read this book, I think you’ll find yourself inspired to use your life/talent/success for something bigger than yourself. Not a waste of time.

I enjoyed this book, but that’s as surprising as saying Winnie the Pooh enjoys honey. Bible verses precede each chapter, and the Gospel is clearly presented – I can’t get enough of that. Football is on every page – um. . . the Super Bowl is my favorite day of the year, so no complaints here. Did I mention that Tebow was homeschooled? Enough said.

So let’s say you’re a un-homeschooled football hater. No judgment here. Don’t read this book. But, if you’re craving an autobiography, please please please read Josh Hamilton’s “Beyond Belief.” You don’t have to love baseball to gain much from this book, although you’ll enjoy it even more if you do.

And while we’re talking about inspiring non-fiction, can I humbly suggest you read the Bible? It’s the only for-sure 5 –star book I can recommend. It doesn’t matter who you are; it’s for you. You won’t regret it.


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