Tune in Tuesday! What are you listening to?

I am just learning my way around this blogosphere.  I love reading blogs and have enjoyed learning more about the bloggers that write them.  There are many things that blogs do to share and get bloggers chatting about the same things.  I love what Ginger at GReads does on Tuesday’s.    She hosts a weekly feature that shares her love of music.  She posts what she is listening to help spread the LOVE of music.  I am all about that, so I am going to share what I am listening to!

I have a dance background and have always LOVED the arts, all forms.  I am married to a, LOVELY, musician and really enjoy great music and talented musicians.  I grew up in Los Angeles, so my music tastes are very wide and varied.  In my love of reading I have begun to have a (slight) obsession with England and that lovely accent that the Brits have!  Ed Sheeran is a great songwriter from England who is not only a fabulous musician, but also leans (in some songs) to the Hip hop genre which I love.  Here is one of my favorite songs, Give Me Love.  I play his album, + (that’s the name of the album),  in almost all my playlists and is a “go to” when I write.  He also looks A LOT like a favorite character of mine, RONALD WEASLEY from Harry Potter! Ha!  The second video is a bonus and if you LOVE Rupert Grint and Harry Potter you will love it!  What are you listening to?


6 thoughts on “Tune in Tuesday! What are you listening to?

    • Sure! He is an amazing artist! I just found out if you sign up for his email newsletter you get two free songs. So excited! Thanks for commenting!

    • Yay! Thanks for this feature, I love music and feel like writing, reading, music and all the arts go hand in hand. Being in Nashville, it is a part of who me and my family are so I love this! Thanks!

  1. OH MY WORD!!! I ADORE Ed Sheeran! I saw him when he opened for Snow Patrol and when he performed Give Me Love… oh my gosh, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking of it! He’s one seriously talented guy. And he’s so adorable, too! After each song he almost seemed shy… it was cute! OH! And did you see him during the Olympics closing ceremony? Definitely one of the best performances of the night, in my opinion. Yeah… I love him just a smidge. 😀

    • So jealous you got to see him in the states! He only played the Ryman here and I could not afford the tickets! He is playing when I visit Orlando at the House of Blues, but, of course, it is sold out! BOO! Seeing him on the Olympics closing ceremony was great! He is a cutie and so talented! Thanks for commenting!

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