UtopYa!! An Amazing Literary Weekend!

I love how God works sometimes!  I was reading a special insert in our local paper about some good book picks for summer.  In it was a blurb about a Young Adult Paranormal Author & Fan Conference call UtopYA!  Get it like utopia AND it was here in NASHVILLE,  EEEKKK!  Since you are reading my book review blog, I am guessing you know I love books.  More specifically I read a lot of Young Adult novels.  YA books have the creativity and fantasy of children’s books, but also have more of the mature themes I enjoy.  YA is not the creepy Fabio romance novels or the over the top Sci-Fi or Fantasy books.  They are a good common ground that seems to have the types of stories I love.  So this conference sounded amazing!  It was for authors, aspiring authors and fans / bloggers!  I am a big fan of reading acknowledgements and author interviews.  I really love to hear how a story was inspired and what motivates them to write.

This conference was GREAT!  One aspect I was not expecting was meeting and hearing from a bunch of authors that were self published.  Authors who I may not have been able to experience on my own.  I am an amazon buyer, but I have never really been exposed to a lot of the self published books offered there!  Well, I am sold, I have an amazing list of traditionally published authors and self published authors to check out.  The conference was so informative about writing, publishing, social media and where the genre is going!  Best of all, I beefed up my to-read list substantially.  I am going to list some of the great authors I discovered, be aware some of them have series of books.  I am only listing the first books in some of the series I am going to try to read and review on Two Readers Writing!  It feels like Christmas!  Yay!  If you are interested in going to this conference, the next one is already scheduled!  Click here for more info on the conference and the amazing authors involved!

The book I am reading first is by Amanda Havard called The Survivors.  This author was really great to meet and listen to during the conference.  She is so creative and an artist in every sense of the word.  Along with being a great writer, she creates music for her characters and stories and is very forward thinking about what a book experience should be.  The book The Survivors is offered in all the traditional versions, but is also offered in an IMMERSEDITION.  It is an ipad app and has many extras that offered in touch points throughout  the story.  Music, backgrounds on characters, letters from research about the Salem witch trials and tons more.  Some of the music has been licensed from artists such as Coldplay!  I am so excited about this kind of book experience and can not wait to read and review it!

KC NealPyxis

Leanna Renee Hieber –  Darker Still 


Ella JamesStained

Raine ThomasBecoming


Abbi GlinesExistence


Quinn LoftisPrince of Wolves


Heather Hildenbrand  – Dirty Blood

Amy BartolInescapable

Brina CourtneyReveal

Jessica SorensenThe Fallen Star

Chelsea FineAnew

Tammy BlackwellDestiny Binds

Let me know if you have read any of these or if they are on your to-read list!


14 thoughts on “UtopYa!! An Amazing Literary Weekend!

  1. It was so great to meet you (and hurriedly eat my lunch with you) at UtopYA! With me being so close to Nashville we should have a book-obsessed lunch sometime.

    As for what to read next, I’m moving Darker Still way up my reading list. I usually need a hefty dose of steampunk in my Victorian novels, but this one has me intrigued.

    • It was so great to meet you! I would love to have lunch and talk books! Darker still is definitely high on my list! Thanks for coming to my blog!

    • It was so great to meet you too. You and the other authors were so generous with info and insight. Remember, the similes and metaphors are rough, but the story is great! Let me know what you think!

  2. Hi Gaby,

    I’m so glad you enjoyed utopYA. It was a pretty amazing weekend. I’d love to know more about where you found out about it. On to the books…I love The Survivors. Talk about full of rich history. Reading your review of that app makes me want to dive in to that world again. I’m currently reading Inescapable and love it. I was so excited to meet Amy after starting this book. I can’t wait to see where this story goes.

    • I read about it in the Sunday Tennessean. It was in a special insert about books to read for summer. I have it and can send it to u. I can’t wait to start the books I learned about at UtopYA! Thanks for all you did to make it happen!

    • Absolutely! I am so excited for next year. And boy is my to-read list long! Ha! Keep me updated on what is going on with you, so excited to spread the word about all the great authors I meet and got to hear speak a UtopYA!

    • I can’t wait for 2013! I want to help! I think this is great for those who love YA and for the authors. Seriously can not wait! Thanks for all you did Jaime to make it happen!

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