The perfect marriage: food and books

I like food almost as much as I like books. Actually, it’s a tie. If you were to drop in on me unexpectedly during a day off at home, the chances are pretty good that I either will be eating or reading or eating while reading. Besides work, that’s basically my life.

A little over a month ago a blessed union happened when one of my favorite bloggers wrote a cookbook. And of course, my buddies and me went to the book signing.

That’s me and Joy. Don’t we look like friends?

This book is bomb.

I have made the oatmeal raspberry ginger scones, the single lady pancakes, the single girl melty chocolate cake (stop drawing conclusions), and this week I made the kitchen sink carrot cake.

Baking the cake was a big step for me. I’m not a risky person, and baking a cake is risky, because I don’t like to serve things that I haven’t tried. It’s hard to discreetly sample a bundt cake, and trust me, I’ve tried. Baking failure is bad enough. Public baking failure is unbearable.

But I gave Joy a chance and went for it. Joy wouldn’t let me down.

The Bible study ladies seemed to love it. Phew.

Yeah, the recipes are good, but there’s one other reason you should pick this cookbook up. Joy is funny.

Before baking, you’ll want to make a bowl of popcorn, put on some yoga pants, and just read the descriptions preceding each recipe. You’ll catch yourself literally laughing out loud and falling in love with butter and sugar – if you haven’t already.

Ps. If you are a foodie like me, I have two buddies who write spectacular food blogs. I’m always finding the best recipes from them. The names of the blogs are Kitchen Chronicles and Ally Cat in the Kitchen. Check them out. Your life will get better. 🙂


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