Happy Mother’s Day, To the Mom Who Inspired It All!

So first of all, I am so glad to be back and blogging!  My laptop hard drive decided he was not a happy camper and crossed over to the DARK SIDE.  I am happy to introduce you to my new hard drive, Evangeline!  LOL!  I figure if I love this hard drive and take good care of her, she will be there for me!  Anywho…

Today is Mother’s Day!  So a Happy Mother’s Day to all of those Mom’s out there.  Today is a joyful and sad day for me.  Joyfully, I am a mom of three amazing kids.  I am so proud and honored to be their MOM.  This job has brought me a fulfillment I could have never imagined.

Sadly, my sweet Mother, Helen, passed away about two years ago.  She was an avid reader and a great example to me.  Not only in the way she mothered me, but in her love of reading.  She was actually the person to encourage me to begin reading the Harry Potter series.  This series sparked a love of reading in my mid twenties that has only increased and brought me tremendous enjoyment.  It was really great to have that connection with my mom.  It was something I never expected and when I read, I feel like I am communing with her.

So Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!  And thanks so much for opening this world to me, I will be forever grateful!

(This is a favorite picture of mine.  It was her birthday.  Since her eye had been damaged by radiation therapy, she had difficulty reading.  My sister’s and I bought her an iPod so she could hear her books.  Good memories!)


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