Books, e-books or audiobooks? OR all of the above!

I work in a great small town named Franklin, TN where there is a bookstore named Landmark Booksellers.  The owner is what you would call a purist.  For example:

I have posted another of his signs before on Two Readers Writing.

I started thinking about my preferences in how I read.  To be honest, I am a bit of an addict.  I just want the story!  So if it’s at the library, I will check it out in any form they have it.  My library has traditional books, e-books and audiobooks.    If I have to buy it, I will check on a few websites before I go to my bookstore.  If it’s not a book that I think will be a “keeper”  I will buy an e-book.  If I have a lot of cleaning to do, I will buy an audio book.  So really, I love it all!

How about you?  Do you have a preference or do you just want the story, in any form, like me?


4 thoughts on “Books, e-books or audiobooks? OR all of the above!

  1. I actually havent got really big into reading because i have to be so into a book that i cant put it down, which are few and far between. Which is why i love yalls blog! Yall do the research for me lol! But Id have to say i feel I’d be more of a electronic book reader, so I could always have my book with me on my phone and I’d never forget it! : )

    • I love to buy books on KOBO, I can start it on my computer, read some on my ipad and sneak reads on my phone. Gotta have it ready when I have time to read. Totally love it. I am glad we can weed out the “not so great” books for ya. Bums me out when I get a bad one too. Thanks for commenting!

  2. KINDLE BABY! Nothing beats having 70+ books in my hand able to ride at any moment! I will say that I will be buying the books that I really love so that I can have them for my library one day.

    • Agreed! I love to be anywhere and be able to read something! I do want a entire wall of books in my office one day! You and the IE boys better get working! I need the funds for my wall-o-books MAN!

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