Libraries are FUN and neccessary!

So today I got to do a rare, “take my time”, library trip.  You know a trip to library where you can peruse the book shelves leisurely and just pick up what looks interesting to see if that is your adventure for the day.  Ahhh, kind of like a little vacay in the middle of a day!  I also try to sneak a little “take my time” book store trip in sometimes too.  But today was a library day!  What determines a book store or library day for me?  DINERO!  Also known as money!  Now for most book lovers, there is never a shortage of great books and books you just gotta have.  But there is a shortage in my budget for those items.  So as I walked into my favorite library, the one with the GREAT YA section.  I took a picture on Instagram to celebrate my trip.  I got a response from another blogger/ writer that I follow.  He goes by Mike_Reverb, his blog is  He said he hadn’t been to his local library in a while and had I found any good reads?  It made me start thinking about how blessed I was to have a GREAT library.

If you love to read, you begin to create a list of “to-read’s” quickly.  Because of the way my brain works, I need order and I use to keep it all straight.  I also love to know if a book is what I am looking for, so reviews are really helpful to me in picking books.  Goodreads also helps me to pick and choose what I want to try.  So here is my strategy, on being able to stay out of debt and still read great books on a regular basis.

Obviously I like to read the new releases, so I check reviews on Goodreads.   Then check to see if my library happens to have it.  Now most times it’s a long shot, but I have found some new releases in hardback at my local library.  One of my favorite books, Hourglass by Myra McEntire was at my library, right after I saw it at Books A Million.  Whoop Whoop!

(Rereading this for the third time, need to review it on here and share the love)

If I can’t get it at the library, I decide if I want to wait for it, or do I want to purchase.  I love KOBO for digital downloads, but I will shop Books-a-million, Amazon and Barnes just to see if can’t get a deal or use a coupon. Most times you are taking a chance, since you don’t know if a book will be a keeper.  But I do love that if I am not crazy about a purchase I have made, I can donate that book to the library and some other YA reader can enjoy it.

You can also find the first couple books in a successful series in the library to see if you like it.  Then do the research to purchase the newest release.

When there is nothing I am willing to purchase, I love to go on a literary treasure hunt at my library!  There are so many books that I have never heard of and Goodreads helps me in the library to search through the stacks and find some GREAT adventures.

In honor of a great blogger, who also loves to pick up gems at her library, Olivia @  Here is my “Library Awesomeness Haul”!

So I found Wondrous Strange and Darklight by Lesley Livingston.  To top off my haul a little Edgar Allen Poe collection!  Whoop Whoop! Having the option of finding good books in the library is a blessing.  Young readers don’t always have a budget like us adult readers.  It’s nice to know they can have a way to feed that need we all know so well.

What is your strategy for getting your book fix?


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