Bookstore Fun!

I live a few minutes from a lovely little town named Franklin, TN!  It has a great Main street with great stores and restaurants.  One of the really special places there is Landmark Booksellers.  It is a real old school bookstore!  You probably wont find the latest YA book, but you may find some serious treasures!  Now, I am a fan of reading whatever it takes!  I will do a traditional book, e book or audio book.  So although I may not agree completely with this picture, I love the emotion behind it.


3 thoughts on “Bookstore Fun!

  1. Haha, I love the sign!

    I hope they do something like “organic books sold here” one day.

    Though I honestly haven’t searched too hard, I can’t seem to find a small bookstore in here in NYC. Fond memories . . .

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Now that would be a great idea! I will have to suggest that the next time I am in. I would love to go bookstore hunting in NY, that sounds like fun! Thanks for commenting!

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