Beautiful Darkness – #2 in Caster Chronicles

Beautiful Darkness – #2  in Caster Chronicles

By Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

3 *** = Good, may not be for everyone

I have such a hard time reviewing books like this.  First, it is definitely a typical paranormal romance, which is one of my guilty pleasures.  Second, there are some dark parts of this book, which could turn off some readers. Third, I can’t say there is anything OUTSTANDING about this story, but for some reason, I want to know what happens and continue the journey.

So, I have a soft spot for those lovers who are against the odds.  This story is a continuation, (#2) of one of those romances, that has Lena and Ethan against the dark caster odds.  The paranormal in this book is Lena who is a caster.  Caster is another word for a warlock/spell caster type person.  She has avoided deciding (or being claimed) if she is a dark (evil) caster or light (good) caster, in the first book, Beautiful Creatures. (To read my Goodreads review, click here.)

We join this couple trying to figure out their relationship, mourning the death of Lena’s uncle and her figuring out if she is dark or light.

While I enjoyed the Caster lore and Ethan’s development of a purpose more than the mortal boyfriend.  I found some of the lore hard to follow. I am not really sure I completely understand how they got through the climactic scene of this book.  That kind of bothers me.

I do really enjoy some of the characters like Link (Ethan’s best friend), Liv ( New friend from the Library) and Amma ( Ethan’s Vodoo nanny).  I do feel like I want to know the fates of these characters in next books.

Some of the spells, Vodoo and darkness make it a bit dark and this may be an issue for some readers.

Overall, I want to know what happens to Lena & Ethan.  So I will read the next book, but this is a pretty typical YA series.  Nothing that is going to blow your mind.  It is entertaining and a journey I have enjoyed.


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